Jan 14th - Vamp'd w/ Let it Rawk 9pm <See Flyer>

Feb 25th - Adrenaline Sports Bar w/ Iron Maiden tribute 930pm <See Flyer>

March 25th - Backstreet Bar N Billiards w/ Smashing Alice and Wretched Sky

April 7th - Vamp'd w/ Y&T <See Flyer>

April 13th - The Dive Bar w/ Junkyard <See Flyer>

April 15th - Stratosphere Las Vegas for RatCity Rukkus 130pm to 415pm <See Flyer>

April 15th - Adrenaline Sports Bar, Las Vegas Homeless Veterans Benefit <See Flyer>

May 6th - The Rose, Pasadena Ca. opening for The Sweet <Get Tickets>

May 11th - House of Blues w/ Steel Panther 7pm <See Flyer>

May 13th - Helldorado Days Parade, Las Vegas Strip 10am-12pm

May 13th - Vince Neil's Tatuado Wildside Tavern in Pahrump NV. 9pm

June 9th - Vamp'd w/ Three Lock Box <See Flyer>

June 10th - Adrenaline Sports Bar w/ Outta the Black <See Flyer>

June 17th - The Park Bar and Grill, Burbank CA <See Flyer>

July 3rd - House of Blues w/ Led Zep Again <See Flyer>

July 15th - The Adrenaline Sports Bar w/ Outta the Black <See Flyer>

July 27th - The Dive Bar w/ David Allen Coe <See Flyer>

Aug 5th - Vamp'd w/ Whitesnake'd and Bakers Dozen, Dru's Bday Bash 9pm <See Flyer>

Aug 25th - The Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA w/ Great White <Buy Tickets>

Sept 30th - Vamp'd w/ Heaven and Earth <See Flyer>

Oct 7th - Black Patch MC Full Moon Madness 8pm <See Flyer>

Oct 28th - Vamp'd w/ Counts 77 9pm <See Flyer>

Nov 24th - Vamp'd w/ Electric Dynamite 9pm <See Flyer>

Dec 28th - House of Blues w/ Led Zep Again, See or hit up any Tailgun member for FREE TICKETS to this show <See Flyer>



Jan 8th - The House of Blues Las Vegas w/ Steel Panther 8pm

Jan  16th -  Vince Neil's Tatuado Wilside Tavern, Pahrump NV. 9pm <See Flyer>

Feb 19th - House of Blues w/ Steel Panther 830pm

Feb 26th - Vamp'd w/Brazen 9pm <See Flyer>

March 23rd -  Vamp'd opening for UFO <See Flyer>

April 17th - Interview and Live performance on Las Vegas rock station KOMP 92.3 1030pm

April 22nd - Vamp'd, Tailgun CD release party <See Flyer>

May 14th - Grand opening for Rodeo' Raggz store, 4pm 1302 S. 3rd ST. Arts District Las Vegas <See Flyer>

May 26th - Vamp'd opening for Joe Lynn Turner 8pm <See Flyer>

June 24th - Vamp'd w/Winters Call and Cyanide 9pm <See Flyer>

July 2nd - LVCS w/Smashing Alice <See Flyer>

July 13th - House of Blues w/Bonfire and Smashing Alice 7pm Hit up any band member for free tickets

July 16th - Vamp'd w/Let it Rawk 9pm <See Flyer>

Aug 6th - Vamp'd w/High Voltage 9pm <See Flyer>

Aug 20th - LVCS Lone Woof Rescue Charity Event 8pm <See Flyer>

Sept 3rd - LVCS w/Black Knights Rising <Details Soon>

Sept 24th - Adrenaline Sports Bar w/Antehero and Nacca <See Flyer>

Sept 30th - Vamp'd w/ Sin City Sammy <See Flyer>

Oct 30th - Vamp'd w/ Last in Line <See Flyer>

Nov 4th - LVCS w/Diamondhead <See Flyer>

Nov 11th - Vamp'd w/ Dilana <See Flyer>



Dec 31st - Vamp'd New Years Eve w/Count 77 Free Show! <See Flyer>

Dec 4th - Las Vegas Country Saloon w/ Smashing Alice 9pm <See Flyer>

Nov 8th - 3rd Annual Dave Sabatino Memorial Ride

Oct 2nd - LVCS w/ Smashing Alice, Sweet Home Alabama and Late Night Vice <See Flyer>

Sept 26th - Vamp'd opening for Lynch Mob, <See Flyer>

Sept 19th - Babes Sports Bar w/ Knee Deep in Purple, <See Flyer>

Sept 13th - Backstage Bar & Billiards, Benefit for Beverly 7pm <See Flyer>

Sept 3rd - House of Blues, Free show 7pm <See Flyer>

Aug 22nd - Vamp'd opening for Black N Blue, <See Flyer>

Aug 14th - Adrenaline Sports Bar, <See Flyer>

Aug 1st - Las Vegas Country Saloon w/ Killer Dwarfs, <See Flyer>

July 31st - The Divebar w/ Smashing Alice, Dallas and Dru's Bday bash, Details soon

July 25th - Babes Sports Bar and Grill, <See Flyer>

July 11th - Adrenaline Sports Bar, <See Flyer>

June 20th - Vamp'd opening for Autograph, <See Flyer>

May 30th - Hard Rock Casino w/ Smashing Alice, <See Flyer>

May 29th - First Headlining Gig at Vamp'd, <See Flyer>

May 16th - Babes Sports Bar and Grill, <See Flyer>

May 1st - Vamp'd with Smashing Alice <See Flyer>

April 18th - Adrenaline Sports Bar and Grill <See Flyer>

April 11th - Vamp'd opening for Steelheart <See Flyer>

March 21st - Vamp'd, opening for Babylon A.D <See Flyer>

March 14th - Babes Sports Bar and Grill <See Flyer>

Feb. 27th - Adrenaline Sports Bar 9pm 21+ <See Flyer>

Feb. 6th - Vamp'd, <See Flyer>

Jan. 9th - Vamp'd opening for Frank Hannon of Tesla 930pm 21+ <See Flyer>



Oct. 17th - Vamp'd opening for Gus G, guitarist for Ozzy and Firewind 930pm 21+ <See Flyer>

Nov. 8th - Vamp'd w/ The Bones and The Solid Suns 930pm 21+ <See Flyer>

Nov. 9th - 2nd Annual Memorial Ride for Dave 3pm All ages <See Flyer>

Dec.5th - Vamp'd opening for Saigon Kick <See Flyer>


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